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Client Specific Marketing that gets Results...
Some of the following services and real estate tools are utilized by many of the best Realtors®, however, you are encouraged you to compare marketing programs and find one that caters to your specific needs. My goal is to provide you with exceptional marketing services and a personalized touch that will result in a successful transaction with less market time while bringing you the most return on your investment. In this down market, it is absolutely a necessity that you have a Professional full-time, full service Realtor® who understands your needs, and can overcome any adversities while providing superior service with a smile.
Contact Rebecca Keeney, REALTOR® for a tailored marketing plan.
Consultations are kept confidential. Contact me via email or direct at (757) 737-3498.

Marketing Tools

custompagebullet Brand New Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty Signs (with Occassional Signature Cabernet & Cream Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices helium-filled balloons displayed on your listing sign). 

custompagebullet Wide Angle Lens High Definition, High Resolution Digital Photography

custompagebullet Minimum 32 Photos in REIN MLS and Unlimited Photos in Virtual Tour

custompagebullet Elegant Virtual Tour with Global Syndication & Weekly Tracking/Statistical Data Reports emailed to Clients 

custompagebullet Text to Flyer (Available with Smart Phones)

custompagebullet Sign Posts with Solar Power Lighting so that your Sign Displays Day and Night

custompagebullet Showing Feedback - Post Tour Agent Feedback Report - Also Customizable

custompagebullet Real-Time Marketing Updates sent to your email - 

custompagebullet Web Syndication and global internet marketing, Agent to Agent/Social Networking via LinkedIn, Facebook, Branchout,, Twitter and more...(More than 80% of consumers looking for real estate begin their search online)

custompagebullet, ICREA, & Prudential Global Marketing


custompagebullet Professional Website Packed w/Valuable Resources & Tools

  • Custom & Interactive Map Search w/IDX® Solutions
  • My Hampton Roads Property FinderTM - Custom Client Portfolios
  • Multiple Mortgage & Financing Calculators
  • Buyer, Seller and Financing Roadmaps and more...

custompagebullet  Monthly Mail-outs and E-Mail Campaigns to Targeted Consumers

custompagebullet  Prudential Value Range Marketing®

custompagebullet  Prudential Online Seller Advantage

custompagebullet  Prudential Military Advantage Program

custompagebullet  Open Houses on Fridays and Sundays, Availability (Daily 9AM-9PM)


custompagebullet Distressed Property Expert (Short Sales, Foreclosures, Estate Sales, Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act, HAP and more...)


Sign Posts with Solar Powered Lighting

A sign post will be installed in your yard (some restrictions may apply ie. condos, timeshares, etc.). The signs are quality and made of strong wood and painted white. They are large and strong enough to withstand weather conditions and will have 2-4 sign riders that will promote the features of your home. Sign Riders help to provide consumers with more information about your property and special offers. (Examples include Agent contact information,Toll Free numbers for more information, Digit List Text-to-Phone Flyers available on most smartphones, Cox Communication rewards, Home Warranty,Waterfront, Large Acre Lot and more...)

Solar powered lighting will be placed along with the Sign Post providing light on the Sign day and night (able to switch to battery mode when weather conditions block solar intake)



ProQuest Technologies 800# w/Personal Extension

  • ProQuest Technologies® has long been a leader in internet marketing and has provided many consumers with numerous buyer leads through various forums such as the Sign Rider 800#, 800# on flyers and mail-outs as well as through online marketing When a consumer calls in to my 800#, Proquest Technologies will send me an informative text message letting me know that someone has called my 800# using your extension. In addition, they will send a message via email and update my agent account. 

  • In addition to the 800#, you will find Real Time Marketing Updates via their Provantage service. This service allows me to update you every time a marketing strategy or tool has been implemented, when ever there is a showing by myself or cooperating brokers or anytime there is a change to the marketing program. 

  • An additional feature is Showing Feedback, whereby I am able to send a survey to cooperating brokers who may have shown your property and request their professional feedback as well as that of their clients. These surveys can be customized to suit your property and your needs. When the Realtor submits his/her response, a message is sent via email to both you and I - unedited

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Text to Flyer Feature Available w/Smartphones

  • Digit List, on the cutting edge of technology, this feature allows buyers to type in a code provided via a sign rider on your sign post that will send a text and link to your property flyer. It is an excellent way for buyers to get immediate information on pricing, property details and photos.  

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Professional Photography w/Wide Angle Lens and a Minimum 16 Photos in the MLS Guranteed.

  • Our Local MLS Board allows for 16 photos maximum. Any less would be a waste of a valuable resource. Your listing will always have 16 photos with verbiage written in the caption box of each adding additional details and features about your property and directing them to your elegant style Virtual Tour. 

  • With the skill set of photography techniques and the resources of various lenses and software such as Adobe Photoshop Tools, I am able to enhance your photos (within legal limits) prior to uploading them to search engines portals, the MLS and Virtual Tour. Presentation is key in marketing any product, especially one of significant value. It is important to ensure that both the product being sold, in this case your real estate property, and the marketing package are appealing to consumers, the prospective buyers. Understanding this and striving to implement it in everyday goals is what sets me apart from many of my peers.


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Elegant Virtual Tour with Web Syndication and Weekly Tracking Reports

View an example of a Virtual Tour:



  • Highlights of this Virtual Tour include downloading the video (via IPone/Ipod/ITouch/IPad, ITunes Podcast, MPEG-4, Windows Media, Zunes, and certain additional smartphones), photos, a printable in two versions (Flyer and Tour Packet), Property Information, ability to email link to a friend,up to 7 .pdf attachments for additional information, Property Map in Map/Satellite/Terrain views with search feature, Loan Calculators, Area and School Information, Agent Contact Information, Scrollable Photos with dual captions and Bookmark & Share feature.
  • 6 Video Channels, 18 Internet Channels, Tour Statistics, Weekly Tour Reports emailed directly to the Seller, custom QR code, Dozens of stylish flyers and postcards, CD/DVD Tours*, and Personal and Professional Narration*, more than 60 background music styles and ability to download custom audio. 

Amazing! All in one Virtual Tour!


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Showing Feedback - Post Tour Agent Feedback Report

  • Each time your property is viewed by a Real Estate Agent, they will be sent a customizable survey requesting feedback on your property. This Showing Feedback Report will be sent to you, the Seller and myself, your Listing Realtor, unedited.
  • These surveys are fully customizable. In addition Agent contact information will be stored in my account for reference when following up.

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Real-Time Marketing Updates sent to your email

  • Another great marketing tool is the ability to send you, the Seller, immediate feedback on all marketing activities on a continual basis. Each time a marketing tool or resource is implemented or a change is made to your overall presentation (ie. the install of a sign post and sign riders, updates to the virtual tour or photos, data entered into websites or web portals), you, the Seller, will be notified via email.

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Web Syndication and Global Internet Marketing, Agent to Agent/Social Networking

  • According to research conducted by the National Association of Realtors, more than 80% of buyers begin their search via LinkedIn, Facebook, Branchout,, Twitter and more...(More than 80% of consumers looking for real estate begin their search online)
  • Internet marketing allows people from all over the world to view your property, whether a consumer is relocating to your area from abroad or perhaps are temporarily overseas for employment purposes.
  • With a growing internet presence, more and more search engines are available to consumers, more portals and websites are popping up enabling buyers to view details on real estate. It's very difficult to keep up with the many new networking and real estate websites and to know which ones are worth entering your properties information on. Web tracking is key in helping me to discern which sites are optimal and those that are not.This allows me to spend more time focusing on the ones that attract more buyers to your property. Web tracking is key when marketing via the internet.

backtotop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------®, ICREA and Prudential Global Marketing

  •® is an invaluable source of information and widely used by Realtors®, members of the National Association of Realtors®, the worlds largest professional organization. There you can find resources and tools to make the home-buying search more efficient. You can find links to download mobile applications for your smartphone, IPad and more and you can search most MLS listings with ease.
  • The National Association of Realtors® exists to protect consumers and the Real Estate Industry as a whole. They lobby for the advancement of important policies and Consumer/Realtor® needs. It is due to their strong commitment and efforts, and those of the hundreds of thousands of Realtors® who support the NAR through annual dues, that major change in this industry has taken place. In addition, NAR provides Realtors® with several continuing education courses, webinars, statistics and research studies, as well as other important resources that help them to be the best in the industry. This is why it is so very important to know whether your Agent is a Realtor®.  
  • The International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) is a liason where members of the National Association of Realtors and other Realtor Associations throughout the world are able to network and list property details in the hopes of finding a prospective buyer in other Nations.
  • Prudential Real Estate is a global market and strives to market internationally in promoting our services and maximizing exposure of the millions of properties listed through the Prudential Real Estate Network. 

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Professional Website Packed w/Real Estate Resources and  Tools

  • And you will also find a wealth of information available to our Military members, whether you are active duty, in a reserve status or a Veteran. As a Veteran, and disabled War Veteran, I understand the difficulties that Veterans face when leaving the military service. It is important to understand your military benefits both when it comes to real estate and personal matters. I have had the privilege of helping many military active duty members and Veterans save their home from foreclosure simply because I knew of the many benefits and rights that military and veterans have. If you are a military member or Veteran and wanting more information on your benefits and rights, send me an email or call me and we can schedule a meeting. And by all means, please explore the information posted on this site.


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Monthly Mail-outs and email campaigns to Targeted Consumers

  •  Each month, mail-outs are distributed to targeted consumers inviting them to Open House events and additional verbiage promoting the sale of your property.
  • Additionally, I send out mass e-mail campaigns to consumers, clientele and prospective buyers as well as a strong real estate professional network. The various campaigns are designed to promote your property being sold, educate consumers on market trends and important real estate news, offer services and more. 
  • As the founder of one of LinkedIn's largest Real Estate Referral Networks, with hundreds of members around the world, your property receives additional exposure to potential buyers via their professional agents. Along with thousands more members via other network affiliations. Through a dedicated program, I am able to create a professional flyer on your property and distribute it via a large proportion of the network sites with just a click of a button, thus using my marketing time more efficiently while maximizes the exposure of your property. 
  • It is very important to the success of my business to become enthralled in as much technology and real estate education as possible. Successful companies are built on a foundation of efficient resources and strong hands-on training and education, and my goal is seek success in every aspect of my business and most importantly in every real estate transaction. 

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Prudential Value-Range Marketing

  • Prudential Real Estate encourages the use of Prudential Value-Range Marketing to its Realtors. It is a marketing tool worth notice. Although it is not designed for every transaction or Seller, it can greatly help lessen your properties time on the market bringing you the most equity for your real estate investment. Let's face it, real estate is an investment, a very large investment. As a home owner, I understand the value of equity and what it means for my long term goals. I exercise these principles when accepting the responsibility of marketing your property, whether it is a residential property, condo or townhome, land or commercial property, vacation property or an estate sale.  
  •   Prudential Value-Range Marketing is a valuable marketing tool that allows a Seller to set a range of a dollar amount that they would consider in receiving an offer to purchase their property. This does not mean that these figures are set in stone, it simply means that the Seller is flexible, understands the changing market and is willing to negotiate. It also lets prospective buyers know that anything below that range, although possibly considered, is not generally what a Seller is looking to accept for the purchase of their property. 
  • An example of Value-Range Marketing would appear similar to this:

        "Seller to entertain offers between $347,900 and $423,500"

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Prudential Online Seller Advantage

A smarter way to track the progress of marketing your property. 


As an affiliate member of Prudential Real Estate, I am delighted to offer my clientele a fairly new program through an existing marketing relationship with Yahoo Real Estate called the "Online Seller Advantage" program (OSA).

Sellers are provided "real-time marketing updates" and cutting edge market data and specific data on their property such as how often their property showed up on research results, or how many times their property was viewed in a very structured format. It will tell them how many viewers have saved their property in their portfolio, plus new listings and photos in the seller's immediate neighborhood, price changes of homes in the seller's immediate neighborhoods,status changes (sold, pending, price reductions) of competitive properties in the seller's local area.

 Online Seller Advantage is available at Seller's request.  


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Prudential Military Advantage Program

  • Prudential Military Advantage Program is designed to lessen the burdens of a military move, reward our service members for their many sacrifices that they have made for the betterment and protection of this great nation.  
  • For Hampton Roads Military Buyers looking to benefit from the Military Advantage Program, you must purchase a home located within 25 miles of an active military installation. The price of your new home must be within within 5% of fair market value of other area homes for sale, and you must be protected by a one year comprehensive First American Home Warranty policy. 
  • The Prudential Military Advantage Program is perfect for Hampton Roads Military Sellers too! The program provides marketing tools to reach a specific real estate market. Some special marketing materials include a yard Sign Riders identifying your Hampton Roads home as a Prudential Military Advantage property. Additional marketing materials include a Doorknob Hanger with the Prudential Military Advantage property logo. 
  • We offer special advertising venues to reach military personnel, Military Advantage Program specific marketing brochures custom made for your Hampton Roads property, fully customizable e-Cards for mass e-mail campaigns and  Custom Property Postcards for monthly distribution to targeted consumers throughout Hampton Roads.
  • If you are a Military Buyer or Seller, you may contact me anytime via email or direct to schedule a confidential consultation on how this program may benefit you.

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Open Houses & Availability

  • Open Houses are scheduled most every weekend. See the Open House Page for details.
  • You may contact me everyday from 9AM-9PM. You may email me at, you may contact me at my office at (757) 486-4500, text me or call me direct at (757) 737-3498 or via Prudential Towne Realty's toll free number at (800) 296-0002.


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Distressed Property Expert

  • To consider yourself an expert in the field of Short Sales does not require multiple designations, it requires practice, a skill set learned through hands-on, practical application, careful study in the area and a desire to work harder with longer hours, while maintaining patience and efficiency and most importantly thinking outside the box. When the market took a turn for the worse, Realtors had to get creative in their marketing strategies and quickly adapt to changes in order to serve their clientele with exceptional ability.
  • Putting together a Short Sale package takes skill and an in-depth knowledge of what banks and financial institutions want to see and the processes involved. Understanding portals and having the patience to spend hours on the phone contacting key Short Sale negotiators to work your package.

  • To a Seller facing a possible foreclosure, it can be scary and emotionally draining.Never let anyone tell you that it is okay to just walk away and let them take care of matters. It is in a Sellers best interests to continually maintain contact with the bank or financial institution, keeping them abreast of the progress that you and your Realtor are making in bringing to the table an approved short sale.
  • As we see more and more short sales and foreclosures on the market, it is important to learn as much as you can about a short sale. If you are interested in meeting with me for a confidential consultation to discuss your options, please call, text or email me anytime. For more information on Short Sales, Click here .

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